9 thoughts on “The Garlic Makes Me Suspicious

  1. Aunt B.:

    Maybe I missed a cultural reference or just plain didn’t follow and am an idiot (yeah, I am, I accept that about myself), I am just slightly confounded by the garlic reference.

    So, I’ve decided share with you this information about the annual Hudson Valley Garlic Festival:


    Hopefully that “might” dispel some of your distrust of Garlic. Or, alternatively, it may make you more distrustful. I don’t know.

    Anyway, I wanted to say … I think your blog is really great. Very real. Authentic. The kind of blog I love to read.

    Thanks for putting out there for us to read.


  2. Heh. I think that is some suspiciously undessicated garlic, myself. With little teensy ink spots on it.

    But itsn’t it a marvelous idea? $15,000 worth of marvelous idea, apparently.

  3. Ha, no, Anita, no need to come to the defense of garlic in general. I happen to love garlic in general. I’m just saying that I have a hard time believing that the garlic in that 200 year old vampire killing kit is 200 years old. It looks suspiciously younger than even 200 days. And that makes me a little suspicious of the “200 years old” aspect of the whole thing. But I do really, really love it. And I love it as accurate and I’m going to love it if it turns out to be a hoax.

  4. Aside from the garlic, which must have been added, the contents look a lot like this vampire killing kit that’s housed in the Mercer Museum on my side of Pennsylvania. I think it’s “real” in that someone totally put these things together and sold them in the 19th century… jury is still out on whether they were sold and/or bought as “real” items or joke items.

  5. I’m thinking that the garlic was thrown in as a modern feebie, since, you know, vampire kits need some.

    Tanglethis, I think that looks awfully expensive for a joke item.

  6. What I’m dying to know is whether the people who owned and put together these kits ever ran into any vampires and whether their never having run into vampire made them feel wrong or lucky.

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