They Weren’t Alone.

Psst.  Sista Smiff.  The most ready explanation is, I believe, as follows:


Dark red gets up to wash his face.  Light green, previously in a menage a trois with dark green and pink on the bedroom rug, gets up to take dark red’s place.  Dark red comes back.  Heart is broken.  Begs Cecelia to return “home,” to her original partner.  Green returns to the menage a trois.  Dark red resumes relations with Cecelia.  Falls on the floor, perhaps on top of light green, hilarity ensues.

4 thoughts on “They Weren’t Alone.

  1. well, obviously nobody had a camera to capture this: kodachrome in a cool nikon camera would been a handy dandy tool to solve this mystery!!

    IN ADDITION to your excellent flow chart, of course.


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