You Know What Whites Creek Needs?

A place where a girl and her dog can go to get hot chocolate after they’ve planted irises.  Brrrr.  It is cold.  But the big oak in the back yard has apparently decided that something should be falling–since we have no snow–and it is gently letting go of all its leaves.

You can stand in the backyard, watching them swirl around you until your nose starts to run and your ears start to burn from the cold, and that, my friends, is a great treat.

The Butcher has gone to the football game and my goal for today was to do some cleaning.  But I must tell you, it’s the time of year when I really, really want to be making afghans.  I want to make for myself a kool-aid afghan.  We could use a good wool afghan this winter, for sure, and the one I made Plimco turned out so beautifully.

But I will be strong and go clean the bathroom instead of spending all my money.