Random Things I Should Have More To Say About But I Don’t

1.  We have not even touched on the main problem with T-Pain and Ludacris on SNL, which is that T-Pain is the Pale Rider on the Pale Horse signalling the death of hip-hop.  Just like that moment when I was sitting in McDonalds and heard the elevator music rendition of “Patience” and knew heavy metal was dead, listening to T-Pain make what amounts to hip hop Musak, tells me the genre is a zombie. 

This has got to be about the most inane song produced in the last one million years, and might I remind you that the past one million years have contained such inane songs as “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies and “Mammoth Mammoth” by Ogg and his Groggs (I trust I don’t have to translate that into English for you for you to get the gist of how stupid it was.  Those Neanderthals with their puns.  Yes, it was a big hairy elephant.  We get it.  God, shut up already.  And yet, one summer in 14973 b.c.e., that was all you heard around the fire).

2.  Speaking of Guns and Roses, I can’t bring myself to even listen to samples of this album.

3.  You say “tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt” like there’s something wrong with that.

4.  To me, this post is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Salon.com.  Inspiring quote by a Catholic priest trying to do right; damn depressing comments beneath it.  Listen, for the record, separate but equal is bullshit when it comes to race and it’s bullshit when it comes to gender.  Tell yourself whatever little story you have to in order to disbelieve me, but I speak the truth.

5.  This depresses me more than I can tell you.  The only thing that’s going to save the Tennessee Democrats at this point is a full-scale revolution.

6.  I love this post so much I ate up Barry Mazor.  Sorry if you were counting on him for Thanksgiving.  I’m just going to make one larger point: country music deserves to be written about thoughtfully and critically.  It is an art form.  It can stand up under the pressure of scrutiny.  The sheltering that the industry and, more embarrassingly, many “country music journalists” do is insulting to the genre and I’m tired of it.

7.  It was all I could do to not call Mack and say “Houston, We haz a Pomeranian.”  The only thing stopping me is that, if he hasn’t see this, it won’t be funny.  Though, truthfully, many things that make me laugh hysterically,  he doesn’t find funny.  And things I don’t find funny, like his Pomeranian getting right in my ear and making these noises like a cat with a particularly ugly hairball, seem to amuse him.

8.  You know what’s really stupid?  That I can’t go to either Amazon.com or iTunes, type in “True Blood” and get every song played on the show.  Do they not tag songs that way?  Apparently not, but isn’t it the most obvious use of an electronic catalog the size of the iTunes or Amazon catalogs?  That they can put together playlists that aren’t real albums and sell them to us?

7 thoughts on “Random Things I Should Have More To Say About But I Don’t

  1. Tens of thousands of dollars of debt is a bad investment if one can’t either get a better paying job (than could have been had without said investment) or get a job that one finds very interesting (relative to jobs available without the investment). It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think in the context Mack had set out, his characterization was appropriate.

  2. Lyrl, I was just teasing him. As one with tens of thousands of dollars of debt I have deeply ambiguous feelings about. I do think it was necessary to incur it in order to propel myself into the middle class. I just also have deeply ambiguous feelings about that.

    I’m a mess, what can I say?

  3. Well, first the strawberries, and then this. I tend to take things too literally in person; now it’s creeping into my internet interactions.

    Your comment makes a lot more sense to me now, thanks for explaining.

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