Dad Defends the Sex Life of Ministers… in Bed

We had Chinese for dinner and, as we were eating the fortune cookies, we taught my parents the delight of following every fortune reading with “in bed.”

My dad’s fortune was something like “You will travel for pleasure and business… in bed.”

“Ha, you’re going to become a male prostitute during your retirement years!”

“That’s not funny.”

“Is there even much of a calling for an old retired minister male prostitute?”

“We could put it on the internet and see if anyone is searching for ‘old retired minister male prostitute’ and then we’d know if it was someone’s fetish.”

“It’s not a fetish.  A lot of women want to have sex with ministers.  That’s just normal.”

“You think there’s a big market for women who want to pay to have sex with retired Methodist ministers?”

“I’m just saying, it’s not a fetish.  It’s not weird.”

“Mom, read yours!”

“You are open to great adventures… in bed.”

“Ha, well, that’s good, since you’ll be sharing it with Dad’s new customers.”

“Ooo.  Kinky.”

“It’s not kinky to want to have sex with a minister!  They even warn us about it in seminary!”