And the Hooooooommmmmmmmmeeee of the Braaaavvee!

Just imagine me singing the National Anthem and waving sparklers behind Vibinc as he reads this aloud.

Edited to add: Oh, shit.  I forgot that we’re supposed to be doing East Tennessee outreach!  Okay, two thirds of the state, picture me singing the National Anthem and waving sparklers.  You guys to my right?  Imagine me standing in the dark there at Ruby Falls, doing my best Kate Smith impersonation, and as the lights slowly come up, there’s Vibinc talking

The truth of the matter, as Newscoma so often details is that rural America is losing so much so fast. They’re losing jobs and people and the richness of their community to forces that are hard to understand. To add insult to injury, by not contesting the 26 State House seats we left open in the last election they are losing one of the foundations of our Republic, debate. We are duty bound, as Americans, to rectify this situation.

as I come rising out of the water like an ample bosomed symbol of the future prosperity Tennessee so richly deserves.

Bow down, Tennesseans!  Bow down before my magnificent boob freckle!

Umm…. Yeah… Ooops… I got a little carried away there.  I mean, “Please consider voting Democratic in the future.  We’re considering getting our acts together.  So, yeah.  There’s that.”


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