Guess What? The Crows in Dumbo were Racist Caricatures, Too!

I am obviously not a black person and I am not going to sit here and speak for black people.  I am, however, going to tell you that it doesn’t matter how much Bill Hobbs protests, sending out a flyer with Nathan Vaughn’s head on a crow, is fucking racist.

It just is and I can’t believe we have to sit here and hem and haw about it otherwise.

And here’s the thing.  Yes, if that flyer or if Hobbs’s little “Obama’s a Muslim” act or Tinker’s “Steve Cohen is going to turn our babies into Christ Killers!” campaign happened to turn a few voters against the candidates under discussion, that would have been wonderful.

But that’s not their purpose.  And again, I am stunned that I have to sit here an explain this to folks.

Let Hobbs obfuscate all he wants about the “lib’rul media calling East Tennessee folks racist.”  But even he, in his own sneaky way, comes out and shows you his cards; he practically tells you how the trick works.

Vaughn lost because the Republican Party nominated a great candidate who voters liked and agreed with and who raised sufficient funds and flat out-worked Vaughn.

Hmm.  And why would that be?  What would Vaughn have been busy doing?

I don’t know.  Maybe responding to the attacks against him?

Those kinds of political flyers and ads and youtube videos aren’t about convincing voters.  They’re about baiting the candidate under attack into fighting that fight instead of campaigning.

And we all have things that we cannot let slide–our religion, our sense of self, our ethnic background, whatever.  It’s not going to be the same for everyone.  But if you find that thing and you can push that button, you can keep people distracted.  Especially if you can hold over them the threat of what you’re saying affecting voters.  But that’s just the attractive assistant designed to distract the audience from what the other hand is doing–and the other hand, in this case, was busy doing some vile shit.

This isn’t about the voters; this is about Hobbs and his ilk continuing their “I did something racist; I’m going to deny it’s racist because I can count on most white people, who are a majority of the people in the state, not seeing it as racist; and then I’m going to claim that folks are calling all Tennesseans racist and transform myself into a champion of the people by sticking up for them as not being racist.” magic tricks.

And it worked.

Let’s not pretend otherwise.

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