The Cervix

World, I have to show you something so amazing I about don’t know what to tell you about it.  A month in the life of a cervix.

I had no idea your cervix did that much.  I guess I just imagined it sitting up there capping off the end of your vagina, but it turns out that it’s moving around and opening up and closing.  Who knew?

I mean, aside from Rachel.

Edited to add: Rachel writes that the url for the site has changed.  Find it here, now.

7 thoughts on “The Cervix

  1. I’m actually in the middle of an argument about linking that page from the Wikipedia “cervix” article (I’m pro-linking).

    I agree, cool page.

  2. I kind of knew it was moving around, but it didn’t even occur to me that changes in fluid texture would follow the fertility cycle.
    I get SO EXCITED when I read about female reproduction. It’s like, how can these sexual organs be perceived as passive?

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  4. Absolutely fascinating. Why isn’t clear, concise educational information like this more readily available to women? It’s so simple and yet I’d never seen it before.

    I bet my mom has never seen it before either.

  5. Any woman who has tried to get pregnant (or not) using the rhythm method.

    I spent years touching my own cervix to check for cervical ripeness and position.

    Say what you want about the Catholics and their sex ed ways, at least they DO educate women about their own bodies. (I took two courses and had three books. Both courses and two of the books were Catholic. The third book was secular–but written by a Catholic nurse.)

  6. Yep, Kat. I was not the least surprised by the info on viscosity changes thanks to Sister Mary Brian and the rest of the Don’t Do It Crew.

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