Wednesday Randomness

1.  Forget space shuttle launches, what about December 31?

2.  And I believe it shows what we already knew–that the GOP is now firmly the Southern party.

3.  My question is this: what are the Tennessee Republicans going to do to get us out of this financial mess?  Can you really keep taxes where they are and cut enough from the budget to get us out of this hole?  Income tax or no, where is the money to run the state going to come from if one in ten people are out of work?

4.  About the whole “crushing a beer can with your boob” thing?  Well, I asked the resident expert on strange things women do with their boobs to get money from men and it turns out… Well, let’s just say that, when I hear the term “crushing a beer can with your boob” I imagine some kind of feat that is going to involve more pain for the beer can than for the boob.  You know, a cool party trick you can show your friends.

But I’ve now seen the video and this looks like some kind of unfun thing you’d be required to do with your boob in hell.  And I think that woman has a garbage bag under her shirt!

I don’t know why that’s just the cherry on the shit sundae that is crushing a beer can with your boob for me, but it is.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to get drunk and try it.  It just means that day is coming later rather than sooner.

5.  I have a neighbor!  Who I know!  Who lives in my neighborhood and I know her!  Already.

6.  The Redheaded Kid called Mrs. Wigglebottom “Navy Seal Dog” last night for her ability to snore with her eyes open.  I had no idea that snoring with your eyes open was a skill they taught Navy Seals, but it made me laugh when he said it.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Randomness

  1. So glad you have a neighbor!

    Why not try to open a bottle with your boob, first that’s hilarious. And the other woman is really only folding them anyhow. I want to see a good crush.

    Oh, and, I thought that your best move was going to be shooting ping pong balls from your cooter? although I guess that’s more for private shows rather than blooger meetups.

  2. I thought B was going to teach her cooter to gossip. Now that she has a neighbor, that should be even more necessary.

  3. I don’t know much about how cooters spread gossip. Perhaps they do it through shooting ping pong balls.

    Ha, I do want to learn to do that, but I’m so afraid of getting one stuck up there and having to explain it to my gynecologist. I should have asked her about that Monday!

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