Well, Watch Me Blush and Call Me ‘School Girl’

I’m reading over at The9513 the review of the new Johnny Cash album and I’m reading along–doo doo doo–and I hit

Cash later engages in the innuendo-heavy “The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer,” audibly smirking his way through lyrics rife with double entendres, much to the delight of inmates at both sets.

And I’m all like “What?  No.  I’ve heard that song one million times and I never heard any lyrics rife with double entendres.”

And then I just whoop out the Bruce Springsteen version, and even he’s got John Henry “swingin’ thirty pounds from his hips on down,” which is obviously not where one swings a non-metaphorical hammer!

I couldn’t find the Folsom Prison version online, but even when you see Cash trying to make it just an innocent song about a “steel-driving man,” once you have all the women coming to watch him because they heard him grunting and groaning…

Did they have steam-powered vibrators back in the day?