9 thoughts on “OA gets NEA Grant

  1. Speaking of awards with money attached, Peter L. Brown, who pioneered the study of Late Antiquity (and thereby conclusively laid to rest the myth of the fifth-century fall of Rome, except among people who don’t study history :-)) just was awarded the Library of Congress’s Kluge Prize. Fittingly, he’ll share a million dollars with Romila Thapar, who similarly demonstrated that the history of pre-modern India was not static and monolithic.

  2. I fished you out.

    The real question is–if the Oxford American is here at the office, who has it and why hasn’t it been passed to me? I get the CDs. Everyone knows that. I don’t have a window. The trade is that I get the CDs.

  3. I only know what I read in the post you linked to. The writer notes that the Southern Music issue just came out this week, though I haven’t gotten it yet.

  4. I throw that stuff out there for you, my friend. Annus, indeed.

    The worst part is that we’ve moved offices three times and I’ve never gotten a window.

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