Feel Good Friday Heals the Sick, Raises the Dead, and Makes the Little Girls Talk Out of Their Heads

Mack likes to tease me about believing that all good music is ripped off, at some point, from black Mississippians.  The truth is, I believe all good American music somehow comes through Willie Dixon.  I’m not saying that he originated it all–though he originated some of the best.  I’m just saying, he is the giant, unacknowledged sun around which all good 20th century music spins.

And speaking of suns, er, sons…

I have no idea what’s going on with this video, but here’s Johnny Rivers’s version, which I love so much I about can’t stand it.  Just close your eyes and enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday Heals the Sick, Raises the Dead, and Makes the Little Girls Talk Out of Their Heads

  1. Nah, all good American roots music runs through The Band. Did it influence them? It’s good. Is it influenced by them? It’s good, or at least it has a chance to be, if it knows how to steal right.

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  4. I’m going to develop a theory where The Band and Willie Dixon circle around each other like twin stars and we circle around them like tiny less-talented planets.

  5. Can The Band be a quinquenary star* that circles around (and is circled around by) the Willie Dixon star? Because that would be really cool. Compared to any of them I feel like an asteroid, not even a tiny planet at all.

    *Or it could be a sun with four planets, of course, but there’s that ego problem about deciding who would be which.

  6. No, it was Blind Lemon Pie who was blind.

    “And I quit the railroad and I became a musician. And I been starvin’ ever since.”

  7. I don’t know how I feel about all American music having to route through a bunch of stoned Canadians.

    Although the ego problem would certainly describe their manner of relating to one another…

  8. You’re forgetting Levon Helm. He wasn’t Canadian, he was Conway Twitty’s cousin. He makes them all honorary USians.

  9. I think many of us miss out on a lot of good stuff, not to mention getting a distorted picture of American musical history, due to the common bias toward Mississippi, the Delta in particular. (Now I know you listen to plenty of Hill Country music, B.; I’m not accusing you.)

    PS The Band* is cool but I prefer Levon and the Hawks.

    *…And I had no idea you were such a fan, B–“Chest Fever” amirite? (cut 3 on side 2 of _Big Pink_, cut 8 on the ceedee) “I know cheese and crackers!”

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