This, my friends, is what I see when I stand in my back yard and look out.  I am still in shock.  I am so lucky.


And this is one of my favorite things in the neighborhood.


If we win the lottery tonight, I invite you to look upon what I’m going to do in my retirement:




Now of course, I won’t be using these old buildings, but I will be keeping them for the historical value.

Oh, I Forgot to Tell You!

There appears to be no Walmart on Dickerson Road.  I took pictures.  I need to upload them, but I thought the Walmart was supposed to be the anchor store and the Lowe’s looks just about ready to go, but I saw no Walmart.  Have they decided against it?

Edited to add:


Well, Don’t Go Hopping in Your Cars Just Yet

Crunk is about the most ordinary place on the whole road.  There’s a gas station and over, off the road, are some houses.  Nothing says “Crunk, unincorporated,” which we were really hoping for.

So, I declare Crunk a big dud.

And I’ve caught the Butcher’s cold, so I think I’m going to take a nap.