This, my friends, is what I see when I stand in my back yard and look out.  I am still in shock.  I am so lucky.


And this is one of my favorite things in the neighborhood.


If we win the lottery tonight, I invite you to look upon what I’m going to do in my retirement:




Now of course, I won’t be using these old buildings, but I will be keeping them for the historical value.

8 thoughts on “Treats

  1. Looks just like where we used to live in upstate New York. Same hilly country, same trees, same rural life. You lucky, lucky girl.

  2. DH has a friend from his Navy days who lives in McEwen TN. We’re planning on going down there to see him, maybe this summer. I’ve been to Memphis, once, a long time ago, but didn’t get to see much since I drove there at night from Illinois and it was still dark when I drove home (went to pick some friends up at the bus station in Memphis). I’m looking forward to getting to see the state in daylight. From your pics, and the way DH’s buddy talks about it, TN must be gorgeous.

  3. I didn’t even realize there was a hill behind your yard until now! This house really is far superior than the one built on the old gravel road.

  4. Oh my, the warehouse is gorgeous. The others are beautiful, but I love the rust and the whole shape of it. Absolutely stunning. Seems I’m not the only one who loves buildings that have seen the passage of years.

  5. The coolest thing is that I believe that’s the old distillery, which makes it ground zero in my not-so-secret plot to revitalize my part of Tennessee’s economy with whiskey!

  6. How GORGEOUS!!! Okay, I thought I had one of the prettiest little corners in the world, but now I’m jealous LOL
    Old buildings are the best. We have an old horse barn (tiny tiny) on the back edge of our property that I dream of gutting and turning into a writing/sewing studio, pottery shed and guest room. My husband had always wanted to tear it down. Freak. I showed him your pictures, and he’s decided that maybe the barn isn’t quite so creepy, afterall. There’s no helping some people LOL

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