Stay Classy, Kay Brooks

You know folks are getting serious when they start posting their opponants’ addresses on the internet, that’s all I can say.

My favorite part of this post is the implication that there’s something untoward about the Nashville Peace and Justice Center being involved with the Unitarians and the Quakers.  Ha ha ha.  Oh, yeah, I was totally going to vote against Crafton’s measure until I saw that the Quakers were somehow tangentially related!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Anyway, I call dirty pool.  Posting or drawing attention to people’s home addresses when it comes to an issue as heated as this is uncalled for and unnecessary.

Come on, Brooks.  You are better than that.

9 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Kay Brooks

  1. I just pulled a screen shot of the 990 which is public information and was posted on the NPJC site. In an abundance of caution I’ve obliterated the street addresses. I don’t want anyone to replicate David Lowe’s threats against CM Eric Crafton.

    Further, I just posted all the NPJC member orgs as listed on the NPJC site. I’m not much concerned about the Quakers and the UU’s…but lots of folks will be concerned about the LaRaza subsidiary, ACORN and some of the others.

  2. Lots? Or just the usual tinfoil hat folks who wouldn’t know ACORN from an oak tree if they turned off wingnut radio?

  3. Oh, you know, Bridgett, just the sort of folks who go and shoot up UU congregations. Which is something else one might wish to go to some trouble not to encourage replicating.

  4. Y’all are afraid of TIRRC?!

    I’m sorry. I can see that this is an issue that has a lot of people’s emotions running high, but when you start insinuating something nefarious about TIRRC… oh, if only they were so effective.

    I will be asking Fotopulos if he’s a member of any secret societies, though, you can bet.

  5. For the record, I just sent Stephen Fotopulos the following email:

    All right, Stephen, now that Kay Brooks has done her great expose showing that TIRRC is secretly in cahoots with LaRaza, you must tell me, are there any other folks you are secretly in cahoots with? The Masons? The Illuminati? Can you explain the fact that I’ve never seen you and Chris Lugo in the same place? Or you and Phil Valentine?

    I will take your silence on the matter to be confirmation that you are in league with all these folks.

    Stay tuned for further updates.

  6. I am proud to have associated with both the UU’s (I grew up as a member of that church) and the NJPC (although not as frequently as I would like. Course.. You likely would not like me any more than you like them. As for Emma Goldman, early in her life she did advocate propaganda by deed, but she seriously reconsidered that watching the Bolshevik revolution in Russia first hand. After leaving Russia she wrote this:

    I know that in the past every great political and social change, necessitated violence….Yet it is one thing to employ violence in combat as a means of defence. It is quiet another thing to make a principle of terrorism, to institutionalise it to assign it the most vital place in the social struggle. Such terrorism begets counter-revolution and in turn itself becomes counter-revolutionary.

  7. But the real question is what your association with those Quaker is? Hmm? Don’t make me write you a stern letter like I did Fotopulos!

    Ha. Sorry.

    Good Goldman quote, btw.

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