Now is the Time for All Good Citizens of Illinois to Weigh In

How are we scoring this Governor’s scandal?

Here’s my thinking.  I’m giving him an 8 for “You want my help selling Wrigley Field?  Stop the Trib from writing bad things about me.”  It’s audacious, but the hint of insecurity it reveals is unbecoming in a scandal.  We’ll call this category “Bullying.”

I’m whole-hog giving him a perfect 10 (shoot, I’d give him an 11, if I could) for his efforts to basically sell Obama’s senatorial seat for his own personal gain.  Category: Audacity.

I’m adding five points outside of regular scoring for even contemplating just taking the seat himself.

But I can only give him a 3 out of 10 for “Likelihood of success.”

So out of a possible thirty points, I’m giving him a 26.

What say you?

Three categories–Bullying, Audacity, and Likelihood of Success.  Ten points each.