Watching It Doesn’t Clarify

I just can’t decide if The Mentalist is the worst new show this season or the best.

I’m also of the opinion that I should be able to kick the Butcher for giving me this cold.  And I would, except that, even knowing how bad it is, I’m that jerk who goes to work anyway.  And I certainly don’t want my co-workers kicking me.

Also, apropos of nothing, I wish Attack of the Show would get a different sex expert.  How can you have a sex expert who’s as straight-laced as her and be effective?  So, for the record, gentlemen, it does not make you gay if your girlfriend pegs you.  It’s not icky or weird.

Yes, I’ve been stewing about that for weeks.  But it irritates me that somehow “pretty girl who’s willing to talk about sex” somehow equals “sex expert,” especially when her advice is so bad.

14 thoughts on “Watching It Doesn’t Clarify

  1. Honestly – I watched the Mentalist last night, and I enjoyed it. Can’t say I’ve ever caught it before. I think I just have a crush on the dude. At least, that’s what my husband brought up, and he may be onto something…

  2. I love the Mentalist. Simon Baker makes me weak in the knees. I squeal every time they show his crinkly blue eyes, and I want to run my fingers through his blond curls.

    But I’ve said too much.

  3. B, I almost e-mailed you about The Mentalist last night asking something very similar. I love Simon Baker, I do, but … can’t they make the obscure clues everyone else misses that he picks up on a tad less obvious? Or maybe make the female lead a little less dumb and oblivious, since she’s smart and on the ball enough to be the head of a crime-solving unit? We watch it every week, but there has only been one show so far that I haven’t figured out the criminal in the first half hour, usually the first ten minutes. Why waste the actor and the premise like that?

  4. I tried to watch it, but always opt for “Fringe” instead.

    Of course, Simon does nothing for my knees, which I think is a major source of it’s focus.

    Simon’s looks, not my knees.

  5. Rustmeister, you’re right about Baker’s looks, but he’s a good actor, too, and they’re wasting the opportunity to use both aspects of his, um, talents.

    Although, since scripted programming is evidently about to disappear completely from network television, I guess I ought to be glad for what’s left.

    The Fringe is what I tried to watch. And I ended up with The Mentalist instead. Go figure.

  6. mmmm, Simon Baker…. *swoon*

    I watched the first three episodes of the show and dug it. But then got sidetracked on Tuesdays. I wonder if the show is actually that good, or if I”m so desperate for something engaging to watch on Tuesday night, while waiting on Law & Order SVU, that I’ll settle for something that is remotely good vs. the crap that’s on elsewhere.

    Speaking of Law & Order SVU, this season is just great. Those writers deserve an Emmy.

  7. I’ve had the same question since the first episode. Watched 2, missed a few, caught that re-run last night. I think that one was better than most because Baker’s character was nicer. I just don’t quite get him: if being a pompous ass is what got his family killed and inspiried him to stop lying about being psychic, then why is he still such a pompous ass much of the time?

    nm, I agree that it’s easy to pick up on who the bad guy is; however, I don’t think it’s easy to know why I’m picking that person. Or really, I know the writers are asking me to pick up on it but I don’t think I’m seeing the same clues as Patrick Jane is. That’s actually something I don’t like about the show. I prefer the way Psych does it. But they’re overt & corny comedy, while entertaining in it’s own right, doesn’t generate the suspense (or the swoon) that the Mentalist does. Can these 2 shows have a baby for me to watch?

  8. Oh yeah, I don’t even know what Attack of the Show is, but if they’re sex expert gives advice that warrants that response, well then I don’t even know what to say. I have some significant limits to the specifics of my sex positivity, but that’s just prudish and makes people feel bad about reasonable desires.

  9. Here’s what I’ve decided is my problem with The Mentalist. It’s like every episode so far has been a pilot. Like I’m watching a bunch of characters who have the potential to gel into something awesome, but who I don’t quite know yet.

    Okay, fine, but we’re a way into the season. Give me some meat, I say! I did think the episode where Jane was all “I am going to kill that guy when I find him” and the moments where you see him being nice and funny hint at the real potential for the show. And the actors are all good and fun.

    So, I think it’s just that one piece isn’t in place for me yet and I can’t figure out what that is.

    Other than that it’s just like Psych.


  10. Oh, gosh, Professor, every episode I have this “look, there’s the clue and that’s the murderer!” moment. Like “oh, that guy is all upset because of a sports result when his relative just died, so he’s the killer, because he has an incurable and losing gambling habit and he did it for money” or “oh, that girl said the dead girl was like a rabbit but then later she said she herself was a hawk, so she’s the predatory killer” or whatever. Except for one, and then I could do “well, the ostensible head of the unit thinks it’s that character, but since the show is set up for her always to be wrong, it has to be someone else, and Jane is hanging around with that someone else and he’s always right, so that’s the killer.” And, like B, I think there is the nucleus of a cast of interesting characters that even plays against stereotype some, so yeah, she’s right, if they don’t give those interactions some sort of narrative, and I figure out the clues every week, then I guess I am just watching for Simon Baker. Not that there’s anything wrong with … wait, there is.

  11. I think the Mentalist has a lot of potential once they decide to dig into the story of Jane and his poor dead family a little more. I tend to like my drama series with some long term storyline to connect the episodes. Pushing Daisies got a lot better when they started introducing that. Then, of course, they canceled it.

  12. You beat me to it, Aunt B. The Mentalist is Psych without the funny stuff, the snappy banter and the over-the-top pop-culture stuff. Not that I don’t have the same issues as above posters about “obvious clues” with Psych, but there’s usually something else there to entertain me.

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