I’m Getting Mrs. Wigglebottom a Bathmat for Christmas

The dog’s knee is almost to the point where she could do what she wanted, if she wanted, but not quite  Which means that, if there’s thunder or some other weird noise, she has no problem jumping into my bed, but if she just wants to get up in it, she’s got to pace around and sigh and otherwise try to wake me up without seeming like she’s trying to wake me up so that I will lift her into the bed.

This has been the opposite of pleasant for me because she’s got some boney elbows, let me tell you.  And when you’re trying to lift her up, she’s pushing at least one of those elbows right into your arm.

I have finally figured out how to get the dog into the bed with no pain to me.

I put the bathmat down next to the bed.  Now, she’s got a little something she can grab onto and–voila!–she can leap up into the bed.  My problems solved.

7 thoughts on “I’m Getting Mrs. Wigglebottom a Bathmat for Christmas

  1. Mabel has an old stool from Grandmother’s house she uses to get on the bed. Unfortunately, the blind dog Kirby has to be picked up. Duff can get on the bed.
    Seriously, I have the Golden Girls of the canine world living at my house. Mabel is the youngest at 9-years-old.

  2. They do make dog steps for exactly this purpose. When Miss Ella was ailing, we just stacked two pillows and wrapped them in a heavy blanket, although that probably works better for a light-footed cat than it would for Mrs. Wigglebottom.

  3. We have a ramp that my wife used to carry around in her Pathfinder so our dog could get in, but he’s on his own for getting on the furniture.

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