All Things in Popular Music DO Lead to The Band!

So, Vesta44 asks if the Hawkins singing Susie-Q is Hawkshaw Hawkins.  It is not.  Hawkshaw, for those of you who may remember, died alongside Patsy Cline.  I believe he had a couple of hits and was from West Virginia.

Our Hawkins is Dale Hawkins, who was from Louisiana.  How does that lead us to The Band?

Dale Hawkins’s cousin is Ronnie Hawkins, who moved to Canada with his band The Hawks.  While in Canada, everyone in The Hawks–except Levon Motherfucking Helm–left and some folks like, oh, Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Garth Hudson, joined up.

When they left Hawkins, they became…yes… The Band!

2 thoughts on “All Things in Popular Music DO Lead to The Band!

  1. Somebody just got her OA 10th anniversary CDs, didn’t sheeee?

    I’m just now wading into it. My mind is officially blown by Mr. Hawkins’ contribution to it. Dude. Rockabilly swaaang. It’s like Carl Perkins got drunk with Count Basie. Woot!

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