I Just Woke Up, but I’m Feeling Good

My feel good Friday is complicated a little by the douchiness of some record company somewhere, but what can you do?  I’ll just say up front that I prefer the CCR version of this song, but the cymbal in Hawkin’s version is so amazing that it’s almost a song all by itself.

So here’s the video, with no sound (click on through to see the poster’s take on it):

And here’s the song.  Tell me if that’s not the greatest cymbal you’ve ever heard?

9 thoughts on “I Just Woke Up, but I’m Feeling Good

  1. Is that Hawkshaw Hawkins? I have some of his stuff that I downloaded years ago. I like CCR’s version of this, but Hawkins’ version rocks.

  2. The Butcher and I have decided, after listening it it and then trying it out on our drum set, that that’s probably a cowbell (though one in much better shape than ours) and not a cymbal.

  3. Well, you need a drum kit more often than you need a rake. And nobody wants to loan you a drum kit, but most people are willing to loan you a rake. At least that’s been my experience.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever needed a drum kit. Not since I was around 4 and wanted to be a drummer when I grew up. The thing is that if I needed one, or even two, the two drummers who live across the street from me have a bunch to spare. Whereas I guess they have a rake, but I’ve never seen either of them using it. I realize that this isn’t most people’s situation, of course.

  5. Ha, I never thought It was that weird to have a drum kit. It was weird when it was crammed into the corner of the Butcher’s room, but now that it’s got plenty of room, we use it more often.

  6. Grr, YouTube and the sound/mute thing. That is also my option if we lose the battle I’m having with my first ever copyright complaint on the videos I have. On the one hand I think, well, if that’s the only way the video can be seen…. but on the other hand I just think it all sucks. The RIAA, DCMA, whatever all A’s involved can just all go to hell is how I feel right now.

    On a better note, thanks for posting this because I have never heard this version, though I’m certain my musician father knew it well.

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