Our Encounter with a Public Servant

We were waited on by Sharon Barksdale.

“You ever see The Wire?”

“Folks ask me that all the time.”

“It’s good.”

“Yeah, I like it.  People are always asking me if I’m related.”

“Don’t you just want to be like ‘It’s a tv show.  It’s not real.’?”

“No way.  Since that show came on the air, I’m the one person here who never gets any trouble.”

3 thoughts on “Our Encounter with a Public Servant

  1. Speaking of trouble, is The Butch really a butcher? The way I reckon it, if you don’t know a good butcher in these troubled times you could find yourself eating squirrels without a phone and internets to find one.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know how long meat rations would go. They couldn’t keep the MREs coming fast enough during Katrina, but then the federal government isn’t the Piggly Wiggly. So that leaves competing with all those Spring Hill GM workers in the woods of Tennessee for wild turkey, boar and deer.

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