Water in the Creek!

Whew!  I’ve been busy, thanks to you guys.  I bought a rake.  I filled my compost pile half way.  I had the Butcher take out the scrub pines and in their place, we threw down a few stepping stones so now, hopefully, people will stop tromping across my peonies.


Clearly, they need to be straightened out some.  But people better use them, that’s all I’m saying.

But the important point is that the creek has water in it!


Oh, yeah, and right along there is where I planted the crocuses, which I will now be able to see because the pines are down.


A tiny waterfall.


That’s the larger waterfall, which is not that big.  That small log is right at the end of our property, I think.


There’s our greenhouse, which we still have made no decision about.  I like it, because it’s creepy, but it’s falling down.


That’s where the creek turns to then form the side boundary of our lot and run out down to the road.


Another shot of the turn from on the bridge.


And that’s from that same bridge looking towards the other neighbor’s.


There are all kinds of weird things all over the yard.  Like this gate that doesn’t go anywhere anymore, at the back of the property.


And this sink right by the greenhouse.  I suspect that bed right there might have been for herbs at some point, but we’re not going to have it ready for herbs any time soon.  The magical herbs, at least, are going out front in the spring.


And that’s our back yard, from the very back of it.

Some day, I will have a talented photographer out to take better pictures.  But for now, you’ll have to put up with mine.

8 thoughts on “Water in the Creek!

  1. Somehow I didn’t realize that you had running water on your property. That seems really propitious. Can you use it to water your herbs?

  2. We don’t normally have running water on the property unless it’s raining. But it’s been wet enough here lately I guess that we have water in the creek even on a day like today.

  3. It looks so lovely with water. Are there two or three bridges? I can’t remember. And has the Butcher made progress on his studio?

  4. It looks like a beautiful place to live – I can see where you’d be happy to do your woo woo stuff.

    Solstice is coming. Are there any particular rituals you enjoy?

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