19 thoughts on “The Thing I Love Best about Wolverine

  1. I really wish you wouldn’t objectify males like this. Are men lacking chest hair somehow less desirable?

    If so, no problem. Just don’t flinch when i write a post entitled, “Tits, can they be too big?” or, “God i love me some round asses.”

  2. Oh, ok. Just randomly going around trying to pick a fight with Betsy. Got it.

    Not at all, Bridgett, merely taking advantage of a teachable moment.


    trying out the whole “lets put something up that is completely disingenuous, without the need to defend or explain my position without resorting to, “but you’re not my gender, you can’t possibly understand.”

    Betsy is merely the host, not the target.

    Got that?

  3. what am I missing? I followed the link but didn’t even really see a clothed chest, let alone a hairy one.

  4. I can’t hear the lesson over the sound of grinding axes.

    The irony. I’m done, though, feel free to get the last word. I’ll give ya props for getting close, though. Feelngs hurt? No, but it seems pretty disrespectful to close ranks without refuting a well thought out point, especially from someone who has at least some Progressive bona fides. I ain’t a fucking troll.

  5. Dear god, what is happening here? A girl takes an evening away from the internets and all hell breaks loose? I don’t even know what to respond to in seriousness and what to just ignore as people taking another opportunity to get their shots in.

    But I will say this–y’all had better knock it off with the mocking of my love of hairy chests. Seriously. I will send you to the reeducation camps so fast your head will spin.

  6. Why does this have to be a teachable moment? I had a boyfriend (now stop) who had chest hair.
    Loved it. 20 years ago but I was fascinated.
    Life is weird. We evolve, Mack. But Hugh is of the good.

  7. Dolphin’s comment illustrates a compelling reason why I’m not gay. I’m too lazy to keep up the maintenance required to make guys sexually attracted to me. The idea of razor burn and stubble on my chest chills me to my bones.

  8. But isn’t the return of chest hair coming from gay men’s style? They were the first to shave their chests and once straight men took it up en masse, the gay men stopped shaving to again distinguish themselves and be edgy again.

  9. As a straight woman, I think that my tastes are affected not so much by what men do or don’t do, but by what I like. I mean, if straight men are shaving or not shaving their chests for their own pleasure, or to look like gay men, or to not look like gay men, all these things are cool. It’s even cool if they shave or don’t shave in order to appeal to women. But none of their motives affect what I like, or what other women like. And not all of us like the same thing, so it’s all sort of beside the point, anyway.

  10. Oh and W, the trick to avoiding razor burn (to anywhere you shave actually) is a generous dusting of cornstarch on the shaved area immediately following the shave.

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