8 thoughts on “Now I Want to Throw a Shoe at Someone

  1. I think it’s likely that he’s being tortured and that outrages me.

    I hope there’s not any confusion about this. I think it takes incredible courage to stand up in front of the whole world and make your tiny protest, especially when you must know that it’s going to end unpleasantly for you, and I think Muntadar Al Zaidi is commendable for taking the opportunity he had to bring attention to the plight of the Iraqi people.

    I believe that to be true.

    I also believe that it was scary to watch someone–anyone, even someone I agree with–have enough time to get off two shoe throws at the President of the United States, even though I almost always disagree with him.

  2. I would tend to think he was probably “helped to the ground” in the tradition that some police have used when they don’t like someone.
    Tortured for information? Doubtful.
    I also read on Drudge that he could get two years in jail.

  3. His employer and other Iraqi news outlets, via Iraqi MPs who have demanded to see him. Iraqi TV reports say that he’s been moved to Camp Cropper (which is the secure airport camp controlled by the US…maybe with a view to extradition) with some broken ribs, a broken right hand, and damage to his “thigh area.” Reportedly, he cannot move his right arm (perhaps due to dislocation of his shoulder or a broken collarbone from the tackle).

    Not an expert, but sounds less like torture and more like a good old-fashioned ass-kicking while in custody.

  4. I just asked because I didn’t see any link.

    So they went LAPD on him? Not cool. How much of it was done by his fellow journalists? I mean, they tackled him pretty good. Throwing that shoe at Bush wasn’t just an insult to him, but to the other journalists in the room as well. Many apologized for it after the incident.

    Also if he didn’t warm up his arm before pitching that shoe at full speed, that’s a great way to get a shoulder injury. That’s why your coaches back in little league made you stretch before games.

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