Oh Amazon, I Shake My Head at You

I ordered some stuff from Amazon and all the stuff that wasn’t actually Amazon but was one of their affiliates went out right away and was guaranteed before Christmas.  But the actual Amazon stuff?  The books?  Oh no, they said, we can’t get that to you before Christmas.

But, I thought, I live in Nashville.  The two biggest places you ship from are within a day’s drive of my house.  If you get it out the door this week, I’ll have it before Christmas.

And I just got word that the items have shipped, from Memphis.  Still no guarantee, according to Amazon, that they’ll get here before next Thursday.  It makes me laugh.

I remember the good ole days when I used to buy all my school books from Amazon and back then, that was enough to get you a Christmas gift from them.  I believe it was a travel mug.

And yes, kids, we had to walk up hill both ways in the snow to use it.

5 thoughts on “Oh Amazon, I Shake My Head at You

  1. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Amazon ruined my Christmas last year. And they are ruining many others’ Christmases this year (e.g., the many people who’ve been left jobless in their wake*).

    *I’m hoping I won’t be one of those people someday.

  2. And all the chosen people are chuckling to see all the Christian mishagosh because with their holiday, they have an eight-day delivery window…

    I had this exact conversation about LL Bean last night.

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