Oh, I Forgot to Tell You The Other Weird Thing

The Tiny Cat and the Butcher now have some agreement where he will pick her up and put her on the counter to eat her food.  He claims that she can’t get up on the counter.  And yet, I find her in places higher than the counter all the time.

And I was all like “I’m not having any of this ridiculousness.”

But this morning, as I was pouring my cereal, she came in and flashed her big green eyes at me and I fucking put her up on the counter so she could eat.

I’m disgusted.

8 thoughts on “Oh, I Forgot to Tell You The Other Weird Thing

  1. I’ve always wondered why cats like tuna so much. I mean it’s not exactly part of their natural diet unless wild cats have learned to deep sea dive and nobody told me.

  2. I haul Mabel all over the place.If I don’t pick her up when she wants to be picked up, there is hell to pay and loud barking.
    It is her way. I’m trained.

  3. I don’t know why our cats like tuna, but I tell you, it’s the one thing in our house that, if you’re eating it, they will stick their faces right in the bowl and eat it with you or nibble off the other side of your sandwich.

    You literally have to eat it with one hand at our house because you will need the other hand for shooing cats.

  4. I have/had some tuna haters too. They are far outnumbered by the ones who like it tho.

    The ones that won’t eat it have always freaked me out, since most cats are crazy-cuckoo over it.

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