Sun, Sun, Sun

This time of year is hard enough when the only sun you get is that brief time between dawn and when you get out of your car.  But there’s been no sun in the morning all week and it’s been damp and closed in and I wake up in the dark, go inside, spend all day under the long-tube lights, and go back into the dark.  I feel closed in and bothered.  It’s hard to say by whom.

But I miss the sun.  I miss waking up to light slipping in the windows and across the floor, the bed, my face.

I’m having a hard time of it latelyand I more than anything want to be left alone and them am irritated when I am.

But then I come home and I stick my nose in one of the squares I have done and it’s all Kool-aid-y and clean-smelling and it makes me happy.  It smells like hot days without much to do.

3 thoughts on “Sun, Sun, Sun

  1. I hope you are either bundled up and romping around outside right this very moment on this lovely bright day or lounging in a patch of sun in your comfy chair under one of your afghans with the cats and Mrs. W. (I’m about to do both in just a minute, consecutively.)

    This day is making me smile widely.

  2. We were romping around outside for a long time. I was loving the sun. I was trying to figure out how to bundle up enough to take a nap outside, but never did.

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