A Riddle of Catly Weirdness

So, the Butcher was out in the yard with the dog and the tiny cat, just horsing around and watching the tiny cat rub all up on the dog as is her way.  This is not what’s weird.  What’s weird is that the tiny cat was, simultaneously, in the bathroom watching me poop.

Which means that either the tiny cat can break the laws of physics and literally be in two places at the same time OR, and frankly this is more baffling to me, there’s another cat in the neighborhood that looks just like our tiny cat (plausible) who is very friendly (plausible) and who likes to hang out in our back yard (again, plausible) and who has discerned that the dog is cat friendly.

How would that happen?  How did our dog befriend a strange cat to the point where, when the dog comes outside, the strange cat comes running over to her and rubs all up on her in a greeting?

I find it easier to believe that the imposter is the one in the bathroom watching me poop.

But consider the real weirdness of the situation.  We have an orange cat and we have the tiny cat and we have the tiny cat imposter.  There is a good chance, with as friendly as the tiny cat imposter seems to be, that the tiny cat imposter has probably come in and out of our house a number of times and eaten our cat food and carried on as if she were our cat.  In fact, she is so comfortable with us that she either loves our dog or wants to watch us poop.

Do we have two cats or three?

5 thoughts on “A Riddle of Catly Weirdness

  1. What if the tiny cat has discovered some sort of wormhole?

    OR, even freakier, what if the tiny cat imposter is really the tiny cat’s evil twin from a parallel universe, buttering up the dog as he/she will need her in her plans to take over the world?

  2. “Infinite cats!” I feel a short story in that…

    I had a dream once that there was a hole in my diningroom floor that kept spitting out cats like some sort of feline Hellmouth (yes, I’m one of those Buffy freaks…). And they all looked like my cats! The eight same freakin’ cats, over and over and over… (I had a foster with a litter at the time, in addition to my much saner number of 2).

    If the orange cat should gain a doppleganger, start looking for cat-spewing cracks in the Earth…

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