Feel Good Friday is Listening for Your Footsteps and Your Knock upon the Door

This is my all-time favorite Monkees’ song ever, ever, ever.  When I was little I used to watch repeats of The Monkees like they were going out of style–which, I guess they were.  My cousin M. and I used to sit in my parents’ trailer and play like we were married to The Monkees.  When I was little, I loved Davy Jones the best, of course, but as I got older, my appreciation for Mike, Micky, and Pete grew.

The Professor has this friend who looks just like Micky Dolenz from back in the day and I just don’t know how she can stand it.  If I weren’t throwing myself at him all the time, I’d be running up behind him singing this song.

8 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday is Listening for Your Footsteps and Your Knock upon the Door

  1. Ha, it’s a good thing I wasn’t there. I would have been swooning all over the place and I doubt there are that many fainting couches in your county.

  2. I have one in my house. If you could have come, I would have put it out for you to faint on.
    P.S. He likes scotch and soda and immediately got over being afraid of us.

  3. I wish I could express the depth of my love for Mike Nesmith.

    I also wish I could express the depth of my gratitude to you, B, for posting this video. I have never heard nor seen it before.

    (Nesmith is a dead ringer for Clive Owen in this particular video, by the way. Which may explain many things.)

    Have you heard Davy Jones’ song of the Sandra Boynton book <i<Personal Penguin? I didn’t think anything could make one want to squeeze that fellow more, but him trilling “I wanna be your personal penguin/I wanna walk right by your side” is just magical.

    All those boys were/are exceptionally talented. As this video makes pretty clear.

  4. We have such a generation gap here. It falls right in between me and my next sister. To me, they will always be the Prefab Four;* to her, they are the sound of her girlhood. But I can only shake my grizzled locks in bemusement.

    No disrespect to Dolenz or Nesmith for their individual work

  5. As someone who has owned every Monkees album, tape & CD, all the videos, and had an imaginary friend named Davy as a child – that’s one of my fave songs too.

    I was going to post one of my other faves after seeing yours yesterday but missed the boat on Feel Good Friday this week, will probably post it sometime next week though.

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  7. Followed the link over from Lynnster’s site. My first concert was the Monkees. Well, the reunion tour anyway. Weird Al opened. (Actually, he jumped stage at sat in some girl’s lap in front row. I was very glad for my nosebleed seats.) Peter was always my favorite, followed by Mike. (Mike being more my “intellectual” favorite, while Peter is my “sentimental” fav. Yes, I’ve put way too much thought into this.)

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