2 thoughts on “I Shake My Head

  1. What most of the commenter at TP are misunderstanding is that he’s not saying (in that sentence at least) is that gay people want to have sex with everyone they meet. He’s saying that it is a temptation and should be resisted, as his temptation to drag women back to his cave (really, how else is he going to have sex with every woman he sees?)

    This is actually worse if you ask me. He is saying that we should deny our happiness, even though it hurts nobody, and if we do not do so, we are immature. Instead, we should try to adapt to het life, even if we are miserable, and likely ruin the lives of everyone around us in the process. Awesome. Way to defend the sanctity of marriage.

  2. Oh, but polerin, I think you’re letting him off the hook for the best part, which is his implication that, if you don’t accept misery and the ruination of the people you love and care about, you’re just being immature!

    I shouldn’t laugh, but that’s hilarious.

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