WHAT?! This Retirement Thing is Throwing Me for a Loop

Mom and Dad come down on Christmas day.  This is a rule as old as time.

Tomorrow is not Christmas day.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “WHAT?! This Retirement Thing is Throwing Me for a Loop

  1. Tomorrow! That’s crazy. Sure that’s when I’m going to visit my parents – and stay for a bit. But kids coming home just isn’t the same as parents showing up at the kids. And, and, I really don’t want to go up there already but family obligations are calling me there and keeping me there. Ugh. You poor thing. Some of the time will be fun for sure. There will just be a bit too much of it.

  2. They’re threatening to sleep on the diningroom floor! I can’t tell you how horrifying and hilarious I find that prospect. If they sleep on the diningroom floor, my dog is going to think she died and went to heaven. I may have to take pictures just to capture the moment.

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