The Nonexistant Crunk Church of Christ

The Butcher pleaded with me to tell y’all that he mistook “Bethel” for “Crunk” because he was on drugs.

I told him no one who knew him would buy that.

I mean, it sounds like a good excuse in theory.  But it quickly falls apart under scrutiny.


6 thoughts on “The Nonexistant Crunk Church of Christ

  1. I almost told him he had to repaint the sign so that I could take a picture of it, but I thought better of it, because he would and then we would have gone to jail. Which would have been worth it if it were Crunk Jail, but I bet they just would have ran us into Springfield.

  2. Except how many drugs would he have to be on to make that mistake? And, if he were on that many drugs, how would he have gotten to Crunk in the first place?

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