The Pile on My Floor

Oh, People of Earth, if there’s one thing I can give you for Christmas, I hope it’s a picture of my parents sleeping in a big pile of mattresses, blankets, dog, and cats in the middle of my dining room floor.

I will try tonight.  Wish me luck.

We spent today delivering presents and shopping.  Now we’re watching football and then trying to de-cardboard box my front window by swapping out the blinds.  They had Christmas tree-shaped rosemary on sale at Lowe’s for fifty cents.  I wanted to buy them all but I just got one and repotted it.  I’m just hoping I can keep it alive until we put together the herb garden in the spring.

Last night I dragged my parents from Christmas party to Christmas party.  I think they had an okay time.

They’re dragging us to Christmas Eve services because we owe God.  We owe God, but we’re eating ham for Christmas.


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