True Enough

I’m so glad to see William K. Wolfrum bringing this up, because I admit to being too stunned by it to say anything (and I have to half done posts in Drafts to prove it).

I’ve been reading those “Ha, ha, Warren’s a fat-ass” posts and just being gobsmacked.  I mean, is it really so hard to understand that if you don’t want to be singled out for shitty treatment because of some characteristic you have that singling out someone–even someone you see as your enemy–because of some personal characteristic of him is not only wrong but morally vacant?

Plus, I’m not on Warren’s side, but it does piss me off to read people who are ostensibly on my side using “fatty” or “glutton” as a way to denegrate him, like there’s something so disgusting about the characteristic I share with him that of course he should be ashamed of it, shamed by it, so, I guess, should I.  And that makes me less excited about hearing their message.

5 thoughts on “True Enough

  1. Anyone who can’t find anything except his girth to use to insult him just isn’t trying. It’s the same way I felt about the people who howled about how Obama was a Muslim, not born in the US, palled around with terrorists, etc. There were so many real, substantive issues to criticize the man on, but challenging him on those issues would have required research, knowledge of the facts, debating skills. It’s so much easier to just scream Bill Ayers’ name at the top of your lungs. So the people who knock Warren for being a fatass (and I can say that because I’m a fatass too!) just aren’t willing to put forth the effort to do it right.

  2. We here have recently been told by a (self-declared) reputable authority that we aren’t even in jr. high yet. But maybe that means that we can still be taught to play fair.

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