In Some Cultures, a Board; in Mine, a Dog


We’re also renting out the dog to sleep between unmarried people in order to prevent anything untoward from happening.


Here’s a better shot of the whole dining room arrangement.


Isn’t she cute?

9 thoughts on “In Some Cultures, a Board; in Mine, a Dog

  1. This just makes me smile soooo much.

    Mrs. Wigglebottom looks like she is truly in heaven in that bottom pic.

    Especially since she has the bed of humans to herself. Were the cats just totally uninterested?

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  3. Someone on FaceBook whose stayed with you recently said that Mrs. WiggleBottom is mean. Is she? She sure looks like a little snuggle bug right yonder. :)

  4. Lynnster, in that bottom pic, if you look close, you’ll see that she’s only managed to oust my dad. She’s actually laying against the back of my mom.

    The cats were stunned and excited about having the couch all to themselves, so no, they weren’t that interested in sleeping on the floor.

    Christian, he was just teasing.

  5. Of COURSE she piled in the bed with Nanny and Pap. It’s a law of all grandbabies. They cannot properly sleep unless piled in the bed with the most senior generation in the house.

    Did she like the Sleep Snorkel? I’ve threatened to get one for Harry. He snores worse than I do.

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