In Which I Devise a Plan

Oh, god, folks I am just floundering here.  I can’t even tell you.  I don’t know if it’s the holidays or the lack of sun or what, but damn.  I’m through the wringer a couple of times.  In times like this, it’s best to try to figure out something to do, to plan, and to move forward with, so that you can take your mind off whatever it’s churning.

Yesterday, I planned my herb garden.

Today, I’m planning my bottle tree.  As you recall, the Butcher has chopped down all of my suitable dead trees, so my new plan is to get a post and some long nails and make one myself.  I’ll talk Dad into going with me to pick out the post so that I can put it in his van.  Otherwise, I don’t think I have room long enough in my car.

And then I’m going to stick it where the scrub pines were.

I’ve decided, too, that I’m going to stick hollyhocks in that bed, because even if the peonies all come up, that’s only four and that’s going to be somewhat bare.  And daisies!  And sunflowers!  I want that to be a mess of flowers.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got.

One thought on “In Which I Devise a Plan

  1. Hollyhocks are lovely, but up in Illinois, ours got pretty heavily infested with pests (but they bloomed nonetheless). Maybe add some plants that repel bugs (are there any?) in the same bed would reduce possible infestation.

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