Detroit Ham

We’re having “Detroit Ham” for Christmas, though my dad is disappointed that we couldn’t find regular Vernor’s Ginger Ale so we have to use Diet.  He’s convinced that the patrons at the Bordeaux Kroger are all also planning on “Detroit Ham” and that’s why we have to make do with Diet Vernor’s.

So, that should be exciting.


We’re going over to the Hendersonville United Methodist Church for Christmas Eve, because there’s a nine o’clock service and we can drag the recalcitrant brother to it.  We’ll see if he’s really as churchy as he claims to be, that’s for sure!

Wait until you see our Christmas tree.  We decorated the rosemary and it is hilariously awesome.

7 thoughts on “Detroit Ham

  1. Hey, that’s what we did the other year! My family decorated one of those little rosemary trees instead of a Christmas tree proper. My mother loves rosemary, so it was the perfect combination. Stupid frost killed it later in the year, though.

    Merry Christmas! Joyous assorted other winter holidays as appropriate! Happy birthday to me!

    Also, I totally had to google “Detroit Ham” ’cause I’d never heard of it before. And apparently, neither has the internet. You’re like, every substantial hit out there. ;) I did find a bunch of recipes for a dish that’s got ginger ale in it, though, so I’ve got a pretty good idea. It sounds tasty!

  2. Polish ham? I don’t know.

    Happy birthday, Mag! Have a hundred more, I say! A Detroit ham is apparently a ham with cloves, smothered in brown sugar, and cooked in ginger ale. Whew! Was it good!

  3. When we visit Flint, my dad always gets a milkshake made from Vernor’s and vanilla ice cream called a “Boston cooler” – so, another vote for the ginger ale and milk combination.

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