Don’t You Want a Dog?

So, it turns out that the thing we saw in the neighbor’s yard wasn’t a coyote, but a young dog.  Said dog is fun and friendly and our other neighbors have taken him in until they can find a good home for him.

Might you be that good home?

I’ll just point out that he’s handsome.  And friendly.

4 thoughts on “Don’t You Want a Dog?

  1. looks like a husky to me. which brings to mind the common husky life story: adopted by somebody who doesn’t know how huskies work, which means the pup runs away almost immediately, only to be caught by animal control and (hopefully, some day) get adopted by some pack that does understand huskies will run.

    i’ve got two huskies, both getting too old to run much any longer now. both were humane society rescues (the local h.s. takes animal control captures), and both were spayed before the humane society ever got them, meaning both were somebody’s pets before they ran off.

    they’ve both escaped our control more than once each. we’ve always managed to get them back, which largely involves chasing and convincing them we’re the best bet for a pack around. nowadays, they’re staying put; getting old, as i said. young huskies will run, and if their owners don’t keep up, that’s said ex-owners’ loss.

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