The Bottle Tree Takes Shape Slowly

The Butcher and I decided that the easiest way to work this whole bottle tree thing was going to be to make like it’s our parents’ old Christmas tree, which was composed of a wooden stick with slightly angled holes into which you stuck what looked like bottle cleaners but which were actually the fake branches.

So the Butcher drilled me some holes in my 2×2 today and we have some 1 ft rebar to stick in those holes tomorrow after we get our hole dug and our concrete poured in.

I may have to run to the liquor store and look for some unusual colored wine bottles so I can spend the day emptying them out to put on the tree.

And not at all because I need a drink or eight.


The Folks in Roane County

For those of you who’ve asked about the Roane County disaster, I asked R. Neal (who’s kind of the Go-To Guy in the state for all your questions you don’t know who else to ask, or I guess, that’s what I use him for) and he said that it appears that the TVA has responded appropriately and right now the individuals affected have shelter and are being taken care of.

He recommends y’all bookmark RoaneViews because that’s run by locals for locals so if and when folks need help down the road, information will probably be available there.

Here’s the NYTimes story on the spill.  Here’s a good local story.  And some good photos.

For those of you who aren’t from here, here’s a Google map to help you acclimate yourself.