The Thing About Things

The Butcher and I know jack-shit about anything and we certainly aren’t going to actually, you know, read the directions, so setting the bottle tree post in concrete was… well, it was a lot stupider than it should have been, considering we ended up doing everything wrong.  We mixed the concrete way, way too watery.  We put the concrete in the hole and then put the pole in.  Oh, did I mention that the hole kept filling up with water because we live in a bog, apparently?  And we did all this yesterday because we could not be bothered to look at a weather report.

So, about eleven or so, the wind brought the storm and I turned to my brother and he said, “Well, that was stupid of us.  But we’ll fix it tomorrow.”

Because how could something so shoddily done, held upright only by broomsticks and its own weight, stay standing in that weather?

And yet…



The TVA Incident

I just want to reiterate that, if you’re reading only one Nashville blog about the disaster, it should be S-Town Mike’s.  He is a one-stop shop on local, state (but not our state, of course), and national responses.

I say “but not our state” because I, like Mike, am suspicious that unless that sludge floated right into the house of an elected state official, they’re not going to see any need for reform or regulation.  We should just change our state motto to “Unless it’s gay, we’ll tolerate it, even if it kills us.”