The Thing About Things

The Butcher and I know jack-shit about anything and we certainly aren’t going to actually, you know, read the directions, so setting the bottle tree post in concrete was… well, it was a lot stupider than it should have been, considering we ended up doing everything wrong.  We mixed the concrete way, way too watery.  We put the concrete in the hole and then put the pole in.  Oh, did I mention that the hole kept filling up with water because we live in a bog, apparently?  And we did all this yesterday because we could not be bothered to look at a weather report.

So, about eleven or so, the wind brought the storm and I turned to my brother and he said, “Well, that was stupid of us.  But we’ll fix it tomorrow.”

Because how could something so shoddily done, held upright only by broomsticks and its own weight, stay standing in that weather?

And yet…



16 thoughts on “The Thing About Things

  1. I can see Sadie hopping around (or at least I hope she is now), tiny cats wondering around the herb garden, the Butcher with a rake (okay, am I pushing it?)
    I’m a rake free ‘coma. :)

  2. crap, I forgot to gather some wisteria seed for you… next time…

    One request on this bottle tree. Please wrap it in lights prior to putting on the bottles — the glow of the lights in the glass makes the tree look amazing.

  3. But Beth! I have no power at the tree! Do they make Christmas lights that have a solar charger?

    Newscoma, all I’ll need is cool colored wine bottles. Preferably blue but I’m also looking out for red.

  4. it’s damn near 2009, I HOPE they make solar powered lights… We aren’t flying around in jet packs, like we were promised, which I can forgive. But solar powered Christmas lights, I expect.

  5. Yes, they make solar Christmas light strings. The “short” string (plenty for your tree) runs in the neighborhood of $20 if you buy them in a store. You might get them cheaper through eBay.

  6. I’ve had to put the Professor on collecting cool wine bottles duty, so I’m not sure how long it will take me to even get enough bottles to make any lights look cool. But damn, I’m totally going to get solar christmas light strings. That will be awesome on the tree!

  7. Just a thought, but you might try the flea market for interesting bottles. There’s all kinds of wacky stuff out there… Also, my Austrian friend has schnapps bottles – very long and thing usually – I’ll try to snag some of those for you. Also, Risesling (sp?) wine bottles are often a really nice blue color. I suggest getting some of those.

    I wish I had a photo of a bottle tree that was in the backyard of a party I went to in college. It was made from a pine tree – and the bottles were attached on the stumps of the limbs. It was about 15 feet tall and wrapped in colored lights. Most amazing one I’d ever seen…

  8. At the rate I drink, I might not take all that long.

    They don’t have to all be wine bottles, do they? Got some fun shaped whiskey & rum bottles almost empty. But they’re clear. Maybe that’s not great. Oh, I’ve got a blue bottle that was old fashioned root beer from the Civil War re-enactment somewhere in a closet. And, I’m going to the super cheap exciting liquor store here next week before driving back to Nashville. I’ll shop by the bottle more than the brand.

    I think there’s some battery pack string lights out there too. Probably cheaper than solar, well except for the cost of more batteries.

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