Like a Kid at Christmas

The Butcher took his Christmas money and bought everyone late Christmas presents.  He bought me Civilization IV.  I’m not going to mention by name the person who stayed up all night playing it, but it wasn’t me.

6 thoughts on “Like a Kid at Christmas

  1. Never, ever mention to my brother that such a thing exists or he will spend all his money and time to acquire it.

    Although… That might mean getting a job…

    Okay, could you mention to my brother that such a thing exists?

  2. That’s was so generous of him to get you gift that he will hog! lol

    That looks like a really cool game, I’ve considered it for myself many times!

  3. Last night I was Yestev of the Russians and I spread my culture all over the world until I had to nuclear bomb the Aztecs. Then, for some reason, I became less popular and I ruined the planet for everyone with global warming.

    My favorite thing about the game is that you can culturally influence other cities to join you. It was in defense of Philadelphia that I had to unleash multiple nuclear bombs. And then I fled the planet in my rocket ship! It was good fun.

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