Repeated for Emphasis–The TVA is Lying to Us

Via the indispensable S-town Mike:

Today’s front page KNS report says the EPA has found “very high” levels of arsenic in water samples, along with other heavy metals, one week after TVA said the water samples were fine*.It says residents should avoid contact with the fly ash sludge materials and gives instructions on what to do if they get contaminated, one week after TVA said the fly ash contained no hazardous materials.

It says area residents who get water from springs or wells should not use the water, one week after other officials told them to just boil their water.

(*TVA still says on their website as of this moment that testing of stream water is within acceptable limits, and they do not mention well or spring water testing.)

I was going to highlight the important parts, but it’s all important.  Basically, everything the TVA said is bullshit.  The water is not safe.  The fly ash contains stuff you should not even touch let alone drink and boiling your water does nothing to remove the impurities.  And it’s covering everything over there.

Edited to add: Also, do not miss Southern Beale.

Edited again to add: I hope you’re not counting on me for accuracy.  The above quote is actually S-Town Mike quoting the genius R. Neal.