5 thoughts on “Speaking of

  1. I know. This happened exactly because of choices voters in this state made. And, like the commenter over at Shakesville said, talk about activist judges. Jesus Christ.

  2. The point in all of this is to slowly, by degrees, drive gay folk of all ilks back into the closet. My best friend’s wife left him 12 years ago for another woman. It hurt him badly, but his daughter, now 17 is straight and and of high moral fiber. Her mother and partner are exceptional parents.

    They have, of course, endured the other mommies not letting their kids go to Kayla’s birthday parties etc. And they live in ASHEVILLE, perhaps the most liberal community in the South.

    It is time for the folk of Tennessee to grow up and realize how complex this little world of ours has always been.

  3. By the way, none of my friends would have cared if Kayla ended up being gay. That just always seems to be the automatic reaction of fundamentalists that all children of gay parents will also be gay.

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