Two Things that Delight Me, Okay, Three

1.  There’s a Jerry Orbach way in NYC!  Is it wrong that I hope his ghost slouches along Jerry Orbach Way making witty quips and pretending to solve crimes?

2.  I was in a bathroom last night that smelled just like the Hustler store.  I even tried to figure out what in the bathroom smelled like the Hustler store.  But I couldn’t locate the source of the smell.  I don’t think it was me.  I haven’t been to the Hustler store in ages.  But you never know.

3.  So, Christian Grantham is on the phone in the elevator all “Yes, I’m on my way home now.  No, no one stabbed me in the eye with her pencil.  Oh, I know.  I was shocked too.  I’ll just get some dinner when I get home.  Love you.” and half the elevator went “Awwwww…” and Christian was all embarrassed and it tickled me.