A Kid is Sick, but Everything is Safe.

Christian reports that Roane County Emergency Management’s William Rose says:

Well, I’m telling you what to believe. You believe what these people [meaning the State] down here are telling you to believe because I’m seeing the data just like everybody else is. I don’t understand it all, but they explain it to me, and I got faith in these people down here and what they do.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kingston is drinking water to show everyone it’s safe.

Which is a fine trick.  But small consolation to the people who are being told not to go home because of the airborn particles.  You can drink the water, just, I guess, don’t breathe the air.

A Friday Spent Feeling Good


Really, is there any more I can tell you about my day?  Can you believe I get to live like this?

Doing the Same Things Over and Over

Today is the first day of early voting on the referendum to make Nashville “English-only.”

Here’s something that y’all may not know.  English is already the official language of Tennessee.

I’ve been thinking some about this tendency in Tennessee–to make things double and triple illegal.  Like gay marriage.  It’s now, I believe, triple illegal, but I’ve no doubt we’ll find some way to make it even more illegal.

Or abortion.  We’re going to actually pass a piece of legislation this year that would change our constitution in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned.  Never mind that folks on every side of the abortion debate have changed strategies from watching for the overturning of Roe v. Wade to monitoring efforts to chip away at abortion rights, our state is wasting time and effort making sure that, if some hypothetical thing were to maybe happen, our law would be ready.

And I don’t blame voters for being fooled by this.  Lord knows that if I didn’t read as much as I did–so that it slowly sank in that they really are going to yet again pass another law that covers the same damn ground–I would assume those laws were necessary, that there mush be some reason, maybe an unforseen loophole, as to why they need this exact piece of legislation.

But, I think, the truth is that they have no ideas for how to fix the state and so they need these kinds of smokescreen pieces of legislation that get everyone all riled up.

I mean, just think about this for a moment–if English is the official language of Tennessee, why do we need legislation that makes English the official language of Nashville?  Isn’t Nashville in Tennessee?

So, why is Crafton spending money, most of it your taxpayer money, to do something that’s already been done?  Does he have no new ideas?

Random Things that Let You Know that The Woman I Love had Great Long Curly Hair

Look upon this photo and have no doubts as to why I must at least put Lindsay and the Butcher in the same room once in 2009.

==Newscoma, I can’t believe you don’t have a mohawk already.  Stacy Campfield tells me that your part of the state is so liberal I assume y’all are rocking the debauchery.

Yep.  Me, too.  (To number 2.  I’m happily only vaguely aware of number one.)

Edited to add: Oops.  That title makes no sense without this: