Knowing Where to Look

The dog and I spent a good portion of the morning out in the yard checking on everything.    There appear to be more irises in my yard than there are stars in the night sky.  Every time I turn around, an iris seems to be pushing up from some flower bed.  It’s going to be something to behold.

The dog and I noticed a few of the daffodils we planted in the front bed seem to be poking up, so we went out to the front ditch to see if we could see any of those (you’ll recall that I planted the vast majority of the daffodils all along that ditch, in my yard).  And there were some very early, tiny sprouts in some places, if you know where to look.  I don’t know what will happen if the winter continues to be this mild.  Will the daffodils bloom very, very early or does the sun somehow play into it?  Our lawn, for instance, remains unfooled by the mild weather.  It is still mostly dormant and brown.  Maybe the daffodils need to just get a tip above ground to see that it’s not quite time.

I checked on the crocuses and saw no sign of them yet.

We did find one daffodil bulb in the yard and the dog played with it for a good twenty minutes, tossing it in the air, losing it in the grass, and basically just running around like a wild woman.

And afterwards?

No limping.

Kool-Aid Afghan Confessions!

I was flipping through Plimco’s flickr pool and saw, multiple times, on the back of her couch, her koolaid afghan and it’s got me so excited about finishing mine, I just about can’t even express it.

I started piecing it together yesterday and it seems to be going fairly quickly.

I also had a long, long talk with my cousin A., which was nice.  Sometimes I miss the hell out of those folks and wish we weren’t so far.  She’s having some health issues and I thought the last time she went down the symptoms with me that it seemed too similar to mine.  Her doctor is checking her for it this month.

But get this: she brought up with her doctor that I had PCOS and wondered if she might have it too.  And he listed off some of the more embarrassing symptoms and how she didn’t seem to display any of those and she was like, “Well, I take care of that.”

And I was just dumbfounded.  Here you are, a ladyparts doctor and it never occurs to you that your patients might pluck or shave or wax?

Yet another reason I’m glad I go to my doctor.

She’s having dinner with my parents tonight.  I wished her luck.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I’m still trying to fill my compost pile.  I think I made it too big.  Luckily, just when I think there cannot possibly be any more oak leaves, there are.  I’m hoping that next year I can just convince the oak to dump the leaves directly in the compost pile without needing me as a go-between.

Eventually, the novelty of this place will probably wear off, but I swear, right now, I fight the urge every day to call up Kathy and just cry I’m so grateful she put up with driving around Nashville and looking at, what, 140 houses?, with me.  Because I just love this place.