This Should Go Without Saying

But one reason it’s a bad idea to negatively engage your consumers on the internet by, say, insulting the readers you’re counting on to buy your magazine, is that even if the consumer you decide to show your ass to is just me, it doesn’t mean the whole dang internet isn’t going to find out about it and find it a wonderously strange thing.

For the record, whole dang internet, I still think the Oxford American Music Issue is worth buying.

So, What is the Mysterious Message that Both Doesn’t and Does Exist?

Berke wastes no time in revealing what message will transcend the insurmountable barriers of race, region, and the urban/rural divide of the state.  I don’t know how long it took Senator Berke to come up with said message, but I still laugh that even as late as last week we were being told that such a message couldn’t exist unless said message was “We’re just like the Republicans, but, you know, not.”

So, what is this miracle message?

“I’ve been traveling around the state and everywhere the story is the same. Tennesseans are worried about their jobs, their kids’ education and their ability to go see the doctor that they want. I’m looking for the best role for me to provide leadership and help to the people of our state in this tough time.”

Jobs, education, healthcare.

Funny how simple that sems.  I hope the rest of the Dems are smart enough to get onboard with that message (and, for good measure, throw a little environmentalism in there).

Truth in Advertising

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted linking to a story more than I regret at this moment linking to the story over at Pith where the comments are full of people pissing and moaning because The Scene doesn’t call Leeneshia Edwards “he” or “it.”  God damn.  I am sorry to have even turned your eyes to that crap.

But I tell you what, world.  Go ahead.  Call Edwards “he” or “it.”  Call Obama a “Magic Negro” and snicker at how “transgressive” it is to be able to call a black man in this day and age “negro.”  Fuck it all.  Call me a bitch or a cunt.  Do whatever the fuck you want.  I promise, no one will stop you.

But we will all think you’re a giant asshole.  And, frankly, I, at least, will be glad to know it before I waste my time trying to talk to you.

Three Stories from Tennessee

1.  Andy Berke is considering a run for Governor.  I’ll be watching to see what message he’s running on.  I find it amusing that the Party is all “Oh, you don’t understand how hard it is for us to craft a message that appeals across the state!  Oh, boo hoo, there isn’t just one thing the Democrats could stand for that would appeal to a lot of constituencies.”  And yet, Democrats run for Governor.  Of the whole damn state.  So, clearly, some Democrats believe that there is something at least one Democrat can stand for that would appeal to a wide swath of the state, or else they’d stop running for state-wide office.  I’m curious to see what Berke thinks that message is.  (Personal note to Andy: If you win the Governorship, I pledge today to donate $500 to the cause of your choice, if you vow to never, ever, ever recommend that anyone spend any time what so ever at Walmart.)

2.  This story in the Tennessean is so ridiculous I about choked reading it.

“‘They had not seen any indications that there was some type of imminent problem with the dike,’ said TVA spokesman Mike Harris.” but the whole article is one blowout or problem with the dike or another.  If that doesn’t count as an imminent problem, I just don’t know what does.

3.  Yet another transgendered woman was shot in Memphis.  Here’s to a swift recovery and protection for her when she deals with the police.