Two Quickies

1.  I laughed so hard at this I think I ruptured something.  This is exactly what would happen at my house.

2.  If you are not reading Cabbage Babble’s lunchtime lists, you are sorely missing out.  Every day there’s something great there.  Weirdly enough, I also play the drums and sing in The Joiners and work in the book publishing industry and I also wish I knew how to tap-dance and yet I have never, ever once met this Cabbage Babble person.  I’m starting to think she might not really be in The Joiners, but perhaps in their cover band, the Joyners.  Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Two Quickies

  1. I am actually learning to tap, to the great amusement of my daughter the tiny ten-year-old tap goddess. Me, I sound like a moose in horseshoes.

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