For Those of You Who Did Get the OA’s 10th Anniversary Edition…

Answer me this.  Is it just me or does Vic Chestnut’s “Very Friendly Lighthouses” sound like Juice Newton to anyone else?

9 thoughts on “For Those of You Who Did Get the OA’s 10th Anniversary Edition…

  1. I can’t remember the actual name of the Juice Newton song, but it’s the one where she’s like “It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache”…. um… doo doo doo doo doo “then they let you down.”

  2. ~ raises hand ~

    Actually, it sounds like the goofing-around writing session that ultimately became “It’s a Heartache,” right down to the wavery harmonies that are two beats off.

    “Naaaavigaaaational … skills!”

    I have to get up and dance to Mose Allison’s “Foolkiller” and Dale Hawkins “Boogie Chillen” after that one.

    There is a review at Amazon by a person called “Christian J. Burnham” that kind of explains things, but I much prefer Vic’s 1998 OA contribution, “Duty Free.” It’s another very observational, stream-of-consciousness piece, but it’s a more palatable for me.

  3. “It’s a Heartache” was Bonnie Tyler. Juice Newton’s biggest hits were “Queen of Hearts,” that sad remake of “Angel of the Morning,” and “Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard On Me.” (Huh huh huh, hard on.) Seems like there was one other moderately big hit but I’m drawing a blank.

    And shouldn’t we all be extra careful about posting ANY comments about the OA? ;-)

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